From the Public:
"My son learned the Alphabet on the weekend thanks to your book. You can now say you have succeeded where Sesame Street has failed."
Aaron from Castlemaine 

"What a lovely book! Our beautiful monsters LOVE the little personal monsters Chris created when he signed a copy! So glad we went to the book signing! I can recommend the book to all my friends with young children - delightful colours, and the story really drew my two in with them hanging on to the end to find out what happened!!"
Jennifer from Bendigo

"Such a cute book, my daughter loves it"
Nikki from Brisbane

"My kids love the book. Should have got four copies! My daughter slept with it last night"
Rebecca from Inverloch

"We picked up our copy of Alpha Monsters yesterday and I can almost already read it off by heart - My son is absolutely stoked with his new book and we have read it many, many, many times. Well done it is fantastic!"
Sarah from Melbourne

Alpha Monsters is an ABC of FUN!
Reviewed by Dee White: Kid's Book Capers 22/04/2011
“This book will appeal to small children on so many levels. There are the cute Alpha Monsters and the cheeky smiling Freddy, there’s the adventure and the lost teddy problem that is something they will have experienced. Freddy helps Monster “A” remember where he left Teddy by going over everything he did that day – this is the same method a parent would use to help a small child find a lost toy.”

Kids Book Review recommends
Reviewed by Tania McCartney 29/04/2011
“Rhyming text and gorgeously bright, cartoon-style illustrations make this book a fun and entertaining experience for all the family.

"Reading Time" Children's Book Council of Australia
Reviewed by John Nolan 01/05/2011
"...The rhyming scheme throughout makes the story rhythmical and memorable for children who can join in with the telling of the story. Good use of alliteration also contributes to the sound effects. The illustrations are comical with plenty of funny incidents and visual jokes happening on each page. Alpha Monsters is a clever way of presenting the alphabet which children will enjoy reading, listening to and interacting with. It is a fun and educational text for those who, like Freddy, are also beginning the journey into a strange new world--the world of reading."

New Books in Oz
Reviewed by Christopher Cheng 11/06/2011
“This is a delightful take on the alphabet book with monsters being the alphabet stars. Told in rhyming verse it is the story of a boy and his teddy who go out in the rain and get caught in a thunder storm and land in another world. They land on an island of alphabetical monsters and ones of those monsters has lost his teddy. Together Freddy and the monster set off to find the monster's lost teddy. The rhyming text and bright, cartoon style illustrations make this book fun and entertaining.

Get Ahead Kids Magazine
Vol 3. No 3. May/June 2011
“This book covers Freddy Jackson's fun and educational journey to an adventurous world filled with Alphabet Monsters. It' is an extremely clever rhyming book that is both complex and simple. The cheerful illustrations and great verse makes it a joy for parents to read and for children to listen to.
Book of the Week Bendigo Weekly
Reviewed by Nicole Murphy 25/03/2011
I couldn’t be prouder right now of our great friend Crikey – you can call him Chris Kennett – as this weekend his very first children’s story Alpha Monsters is being launched. 

Chris is actually a great poet but only those of us who are lucky enough to be on his Christmas card list would know this.  So, he’s now written a fantastic rhyming story of a boy helping to find a monster’s teddy by tracing back over his day and all the various letters of the alphabet he meets on his way.  It’s funny, bright, educational and it rhymes. Hooray! There’s none of this changing in rhythm or frustrating “half rhymes” you frequently get in kids books these days. It’s interesting and his pictures are as fantastic as always.  

Scholastic loved it so much there are other stories now in the pipeline.  I’m thinking of having a t-shirt made that says “I knew him before he was famous”.  But, I’m more than happy for you to join the bandwagon now. So buy up and get some for your present box whilst you can get them signed by local Bendigo boy, my friend first, Chris Kennett.